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Lip Seal Material Styles / Types

Radial lip seals commonly contain grease and oils, but also can be used in high pressure applications where space is restrictive. Used in a wide range of applications including automotive, oil and gas, food, power generation, waste water, and general hydraulic applications. The most common elastomer used is Nitrle (Buna-N) but they are also made in Viton, Neoprene, PTFE, etc.


Lip Seal Material Styles


Lip Seal Material Styles


Lip Seal Material Styles / Types

Style Type of Elastomer Typical
Shore A
Range °F(°C)
Outer Heel       
H1 Hard, dense, rugged aramid fiber oil resistant - rubber composition 95+ -65 to +250
(-54 to +177)
H3 Rigid dense - aramid fiber oil resistant - composition 93 -20 to +250
(-29 to +121)
H5 Hard, dense, special aramid fiber - high temperature rubber composition of Resistan® (special formulation of fluoroelastomer) 95+ -40 to +400
(-40 to +260)
STH1 Style H1 with metal reinforcement in heel, body 95+ -65 to +300
(-54 to +149)
Lip Element       
L3 Neoprene Nitrile 55 -40 to +200
(-40 to +93)
L5 Nitrile (replaces Style L10) 77 -20 to +250
(-29 to +149)
L7 Nitrile 89 -30 to +300
(-34 to +149)
L8 Neoprene - Fiber 93 -20 to +250
(-29 to +121)
L16* Resistan® (special formulation of fluoroelastomer) 85 -40 to +400
(-40 to +260)
L17 PTFE* (Types TMA-L and TMA-S only)   -300 to +350
(-184 to +177)
(+260)+500 intermittent
L50 Alaska NitrileTM (special formulation of Nitrile Elastomer) 85 -50 to +250
(-46 to +121)
L70 Alaska NitrileTM (special formulation of Nitrile Elastomer) 75 -70 to +250
(-57 to +121)
1.  Other special application seal materials
are available

Registered DuPont trademark
Style H5/L16 marked with narrow
white band on heel body for
identification purposes.
2.  Specialty Materials for use with the
F/L and SlipTite designs are available
for varying service conditions.
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