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Flexible Graphite

The best thing to happen to the sealing and gasket industry over the last 25 years has got to be Flexible Graphite and we handle all types. Including: Sheet, Ribbon, Braided and Ribbon Pack.


Flexible Graphite


Flexible Graphite

At one time it was only used in high temp applications, now it is used in a wide variety of applications including chemical, friction reducing and as heat sinks to conduct heat away from computer chips.

Ribbon Pack

Ribbon Pack® used for Valves in the field, or to make die formed packing sets is one of   most common uses. Used in Refineries, Power Plants, Co-Generation Facilities or anyone dealing with high temp applications. We can deliver it to you in any dimension you choose

Die Formed Rings
Flexible Graphite can be die formed into a wide variety of shapes.  It can be die formed in a laminate structure for shaft sealing applications or die formed from ribbon pack for gasketing of valve stem applications.  For high pressure applications metal end caps (usually stainless steel) can be added.

Flexible Graphite Sets

Die formed sets for valves in applications that require the lowest of leak rates. Now a standard in the valve industry because of it's effectiveness, Carbon yarn end rings with die formed flexible graphite center rings

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