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Die Formed Flexible Graphite

Formed Flexible Graphite is an art. It's also proven to be the solution to keeping VOC levels on Valves and pumps to an acceptable level. What begins as Ribbon Pack, becomes custom shaped parts. With the addition of metal end caps or braided packing, flexible graphite can be made to resist extrusion and maintain a seal better than any other fluid sealing product.


Flexible Graphite


Flexible Graphite

Graphite Comes in many forms including sheet, cut gaskets and die formed rings. It is formed into specifc shapes including cone, square round and rectangular, to seal valves or pumps from leakage. It starts as a sheet which is then either cut into gaskets or stipped so it can be wound into a die for forming.

Crinkel Pack Ribbon

Ribbon Pack® Is a registered trademark of Graftech. Flexible graphite stripped and crinkeled allows the graphite to be wrapped around a stem, shaft or sleeve without cracking.

Crinkeled flexible graphite is used for Valves in the field, or to make die formed packing sets. The   most common industries that rely on this form of flexible graphite include:. Refineries,Solar Power Plants, Steam Co_Generation, Nuclear, Fossil Fuel, Chemical, Aerospace, Etc. Ideal for Chemical and high temperature applications.
Die Formed Graphite
Once the Flexible graphite has been slit, crinkeled and wrapped around the die mandrel, it is compressed with the mating die to form a ring.


Die Formed Cup and Cone design. Often provides the lowest of leak rates. Now a standard in the valve industry. Combination sets with Peek or altering Density rings are solving API leakage requirments.Die formed flexible graphite center rings


Flexible graphite can extrude. having the advantage of high conformity also has the disadvantage of being soft enough to be pushed out under high pressure.The solution to this enharent problem is the addition of Stianless Steel or Inconel Wire. Various percentages of wire or end caps provide varied performance. In applications with high pulsations and heat such as exahust gaskets a high percentage of wire is desired. In applications where maximum seal effectness and conformity are required Graphite would be the major component but can have metal end caps for containment under pressure.

Valve Packing Sets

Die formed Graphite sets for valves lowf leak rates are always the objective and we have multiple ways to get your there. These sets combine braided flexible graphite endrings that contain wire for pressure containment and a cup and cone base. We have provided many variations. Working with the valve industry to solve problems of effectivness, Cost and Delivery.

Flexible Graphite Sets

Carbon yarn end rings in Graphite sets are the most common addition to a flexible graphite set. The Reason carbon yarn works so well is beacuse like graphite it is also 95+% carbon. It handles the same temperature. beacuse it is braided it provides the dual funtion of being a wiper and anti-extrusion device. This is especially helpful in rising stem valves.


Quality: One caution with flexible graphite is to know what you are getting. Graphite may all look the same, but the quality of the graphite varies greatly. We always incurage specifying the brand of graphite you use. Grafoil is always our first recommendation.

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