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Mechanical Seals

American Seal and Packing delivers a full range of rotary mechanical seals configurations and component materials - to handle virtually any fluid moved by any equipment. When you Specify an ASP mechanical seal you are specifying quality. We offer our own, and well establish brands. Our seals are produced by both USA and European brands providing both USA (Imperial) and Metric sizes. The most advanced mechanical seal technology, comes from companies quality mechanical seal manufacturers like Flow Serve, Utex Industries, AST, Delta-seal and Latty.


Mechanical Seals for Pumps


Rotating Face Mechanical Seals:

Mechanical shaft seals are the best way to seal a pump. Face seals prevent leakage better than packing and if selected properly will last longer. Mechanical seals used in clean well lubricated applications can last 20 years. Seals can be constructed in single or double configurations, allowing only a vapor to escape.

Shaft seals are engineered for shaft-sealing applications to serve Original Equipment Manufacturers or field replacement requirements, our seals will hold up to difficult applications. We can also asset in the conversion from braided pump packing to a mechanical seal.

American Seal and Packing delivers a full range of rotary mechanical seals configurations and component materials - to handle pump service requirements in a wide range of industries. . When you Specify a AS&P seals you have the advantage of proven reliability. When we need engineered seals for difficult applications we utilize the engineering departments of some of the top mechanical seal manufacturers in the world.

We also supply replacement Rotating face units and seats for industry standard seals as well as doing complete repairs.



Mechanical seals feature:
  • *Invisible leakage
  • *Less friction/power loss
  • *No to little wear on the shafts or sleeves
  • *Flexibility - to accommodate shaft deflections and "End Play"
  • *No period maintenance
  • *Long Life

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seal Demonstration
Mechanical Seals
Single spring mechanical seals of all types !!!
ASP ASP 1,     ASP 2,    ASP 21
        Single Spring Seal Page
Mechanical Seals Single & Double Cartidge Seals ! - Replicas of seals from Smith Chesterton, Durametallic, Metal Bellows Seals, Borg Warner, Anchor, and Robco, just to name a few. We also offer spilt seals !!!
Mechanical Seals Type ASP-1, ASP-2, ASP-81, ASP-81T, ASP-9, ASP-9-T Balanced and unbalanced equals in all sizes
Mechanical Seals Metal Bellows Seals - equals to all brands !!!
Style 60  & Style 40 or MB
Mechanical Seals Multi-Spring Seals -equals to Anchor, Chesterton etc..
Seats of all types, sizes and styles !!!

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