In many applications when oxygen is present and the temperature is over 850 F the ideal sealing material "Grafoil" or flexible graphite cannot be used. Flexible graphite or "Grafoil" will coke at those elevated temperatures when oxygen is present.  An excellent alternative in many applications is Mica.  Some of the basics on Mica are shown below.  As a gasket material Mica can be very effective in sealing those high temp critical applications with out failing due to the presence of oxygen. 
The following page shows
Mica gasketing and tapes.


Mica is a mineral, which offers a wide range of exceptional properties.

You may find that some of the properties of mica could improve the different products in your range.

Mica which comes in the form of flaks is completely harmless and presents very high thermal and mechanical performances, allowing it to successfully replace asbestos in many applications.

AS&P offers a wide range of micaceous material, each corresponding to specific requirements and designed for a well-defined application. AS&P can assist you in determining which material corresponds best to your application.

Mica for high heat

Mica Thermal Properties

      Withstands heat up to
      temperatures of
     1850oF (1000oC).

      Resists fire without burning.

      Low heat conductivity.

Mica Insulates

Mica Electrical Properties

       Insulating strength better than
      25 kV/mm.

      Good resistance against arcing and arc erosion.

      Permeability to microwaves.

Mica chemical resistance

Mica Chemical Properties

 Mica is inert to most chemical agents, in particular solvents, acids bases and mineral oils.


Mica makes strong Gaskets

Mica Mechanical Properties

      Very good compression

      Good tensile and bending strength.

      Large elasticity modulus.