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Mica Gaskets or Sheet

These sheets or gaskets are laminates made from Mica impregnated with resin, stacked and pressed at high temperature and pressure to achieve polymerisation.


Mica Gaskets


Mica Gaskets / Sheet

Thicknesses are available from 0,1 to 75mm (4 mils to 3"). The sheet or plates can be supplied punched or machined by American Seal & Packing according to your specifications.

Classic applications:

  • - High Temperature gaskets in applications to 1800 F
  • - Supports for heating resistors (i.e. convectors).
  • - As thermal insulation in circuit breakers, between electronic components,...
  • - In large thickness, as thermal insulators for industries with large stress such as iron and steel works, chemical, glass and petro-chemical industries,...
  • - As a mechanical support and electrical insulator in high voltage cabins,...
  • - As replacements for asbestos panels in forging machines and hydraulic presses.

The mica sheet is impregnated with silicone or epoxy resin and subsequently bounded onto a backing material such as glass cloth or polyester film, thus yielding greater mechanical strength and tensile strength, to the tapes. The tapes are supplied as rolls, up to 1000m (3300 ft.) in length and from 4mm (5/32") to 1000mm (40") in width.

Mica Tapes
  • - Electrical insulation of high voltage or high temperature rotating equipment,
  • - in dry transformers, at medium and high voltage.

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