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Monday 25th, January 2013


As one of the first industrial seal businesses on the internet ( since 1994) American Seal & Packing has stayed ahead of the Intenet Curve. In an effort to bring you timely industry related information, we are rolling out our newsletter. We hope you find it infomative and helpful.

Todays market is all about conserving cash. This newsletter will highlite a few products we are rolling out to help save your company money without sacrificing quality.

The internet has brought us information at your fingertips. To help give you the seal information you are looking for we have been building our sites up since 1994. We now have over 16 sites. If your looking for seal related information chances are we have have a site up about it or are working on one.Read More ยป

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Cartridge Seals - in stock in California. Ask for our new pricing.

Mechanical Seals

We have placed into inventory ANSI standard cartridge seals which we offer at exceptional prices. On top of being a well designed quality seal, we supply them with HARD FACES as standard insuring long life in even the most difficult applications.. Read More

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Quality braided packing for Pumps and Valves


Cutting costs is not easy, finding a packing that will allow you to reduce your packing cost but still be durable and be versital enough for a wide range of applications.... not an easy task. But we did it. Looking to do all that at $29.00 per lb. Read More

Other Packing Styles we offer

  • Ameri-lon Packing
  • Read More
  • Carbon Packing
  • Flexible Graphite
  • PTFE Packing
  • Non-asbestos

We also have packing in stock and ready to ship.

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Metal Bellows Seals

We have both General Service Metal Bellows seals with AM350 bellows and Stainless End Fittings. Our General Service (MBGS) is not only great for water, and oils, but also chemical services with the use of a Kalrez, Amerirez, PTFE encapsolated or PTFE o-ring.

In these days of tightening our economic belts the MBGS is a great alternative to expensive name brands with out any sacrafice in quality. In fact our standard MBGS comes with Silicon Carbide Seal faces. The average life span of the seal is at least double.

If you need a High Temperature metal bellows seal, ask about our MBHT. The MBHT uses Flexible Gaphite to seal applications up to 850 F in oxydizing applications.

Prices on both seals will surprise even the most



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