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PTFE Gaskets Seet, Seals and O-Rings Part

Standard Sizes Available We supply both molded and machined PTFE ® ( P.T.F.E.) parts. Custom sizes to match competitor styles are available. Please specify I.D. / O.D. and stack height desired when ordering.


PTFE Gaskets Sheet


PTFE Sheet Gasket Material Virgin, Mechanical and Expanded PTFE grades

The perfect material for Food (FDA) applications. Chemical Compatibility 0-14 PH Good for Temperatures to 450F


Ameri-lon a new family of products using a new hybrid material, Ameri-lon is the result of years of experience in producing PTFE materials.  It is designed for a wide range of demanding industrial requirements including gasket and bearing applications.  Ameri-lon is filled PTFE, uniquely combining the properties of PTFE and Aramid materials.  Aramid enhances the physical properties of PTFE and results in a superior gasket material.  Ameri-lon shows less cold flow and greater sealing ability than other filled PTFE materials (PTFE) or Fluorocarbons.  It maintains the chemical attack resistance and the temperature range of PTFE.

Product equivalents to Gylon :  Ameri-lon 9810 = Gylon 3504 , Ameri-lon 9820 = Gylon 3510, Ameri-lon 9840 = Gylon 3500, Ameri-lon Expanded PTFE = Gylon 3450/3545, Amerilon ® PTFE = Gylon Chemrex 3570 *

* This is to be used as a general guide only.  All applications should be considered individually

Machined PTFE

Machined or molded PTFE parts 

From Virgin or Mechanical Grade for v-packings, mechanical seal wedges or a 1000 other applications. We can  make parts made from samples or prints.
PTFE sheet, rod and bar are kept in stock for immediate shipment

PTFE Joint Sealant

Joint Sealant

Ideal for all large equipment flanges.  Eliminates retorting, easy to remove, No pre cutting required, Low stress required to seal, Self adhesive backing makes it easy to install.

PTFE Valve Stem Packing

Valve stem packing  

Soft expanded PTFE, easy to install, chemically inert, will not age, FDA suitable, adds service life to old worn valves by conforming to pitted or worn surfaces.  Also available in the original virgin PTFE resin version.


Insertable Gaskets made from PTFE

Seal troublesome, corroded, pitted & steam-drawn flanges with these preformed gaskets.   100% P.T.F.E. preformed gaskets easily drop into your flange and seal it.  They are just as easy to remove after use.  Made to fit standard Ansi 150, 300, 400 and 600 lb. flanges in 1/2 through 12" sizes


Gaskets made from PTFE resin or Generic PTFE

Virgin*     Mechanical Grade*      Expanded PTFE*
Gaskets cut from Virgin or mechanical grade material,  posses all of the great aspects of PTFE like chemical compatability and a 450-500F temperature range, but require torque to seal.  If that torque is not possible or if flange faces are worn or pitted,
Expanded PTFE , gaskets are the answer.

Full Face                   Ring Gaskets      

Expansion joints made with PTFE resin Bellows

Allow your chemical system to flex when it has to. Using PTFE expansion joints saves wear on your system and protects from pipe strain. Ideal when you have to deal with chemicals.


We provide Virgin and filled PTFE Rod, Tube and Bar stock.  Both in molded and extruded versions.

At American Seal & Packing we extrude a large range of standard size PTFE rod from 3/32" diameter to 5" diameter. We also have the capability to centerless grind intermediate sizes up to 2" diameter. Many of our sizes can be supplied in Virgin PTFE or with fills of glass, bronze, brass, carbon, graphite,  moly and a large range of colors.

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