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Pump Shaft Seals

Single Spring Mechanical Pump Shaft Seals are the most common type of pump seal. It was the first designed and became a stapel for industrial pumps. The most significant modifications to the original design of single spring seal are the seal faces. Once made with metal, the most common seals faces used today in these pump seals are carbon and ceramic faces. A typical water application can last 20 years. However when the service is abrasive the mechanical seal has to have hard seal faces that can hold up.. Hard faces such as silicon carbide and tungsten carbide solve that problem. Some applications require the secondary seals with the head and stationary of the mechanical seal to have elastomers that will handle higher temperatures or chemicals. Viton and Aflas are the most common solution to this issue. What ever your seal issue, we usually have a solution of can do the job.


Pump Shaft Seals


Mechanical Seals Single spring seals

Some of the most difficult applications get as high as 500 degrees F and shaft speeds up to 3600 RPM. Even those can be sealed with single spring seals. If the application is even tougher, we only need to upgrade to another design such as a metal bellows, Multi Spring or Cartridge mechancial seals. We have mechanical seals that can be furnished to meet the most demanding of industrial applications.

Mechanical seals designs range from the work horse "single spring" mechanical seals, to highly engineered double cartridge seals for extreme applications.

Single Spring Mechanical Seals:

ASP Type 6 ASP 6 ASP Type 21
ASP Type 1 ASP Type 1 ASP Type T21

Utilize Single Spring Mechanical Seals coiled in a right of left hand design to accommodate left and right hand turning pumps. They have the flexibility to accommodate misalignment, shaft deflection, and break away shock loading. It resists clogging in extremely viscous fluids.

Knowing what seal you need when ordering is easy enough to determine. If you know the part number you last ordered it with, such as PS-100 or the industry did standardize so our ASP-100 will be an equal. If you don't know the part number we may be able to cross it by the pump model or simply identify your mechanical seal by the dimensions. You will need to identify the seal type, and materials of construction. You can also refer to our step by step to size your pump seal.


Product Name : Single Spring Seal & Pump Seal

Condition : Brand New With Original Manufacturer Warranty.

Accessories : Type A & Type B & Type C & Type D & Type E

Mechanical Seals Working Length: Getting the working length of you seal right will determine it's expected life span. Over compression of the spring will increase the friction and wear on your seal. Undercompress the spring and system pressure can overcome the spring tension and allow leakage.
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To make sure your pump seals stationary seat fits, it's a good idea to provide the inside dimension of the bore it will be fitting into. The outside dimension of your mechanical seals stationary seat is helpful but more difficult to obtain an accurate measurement. Most pump seal stationary seats have rubber cups or o-rings that must be compressed when they are installed.

Seat Types
Cup Mount Seat O-Ring Mount Seats
L-Shaped Seats Clamp Mount Seats

Mechanical Seals: Material Codes

To decipher a mechanical seals materials code, use the following chart
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  • Pump Seals  
  • Single Spring
    Technical Information
Elastomers Seal Face Metal Parts Seal Seats Springs
B. Buna A. Bronze A. Bronze A. Bronze E. Monel
V. Viton ® C. Carbon D. Brass G. Cast Iron F. Stainless
N. Neoprene H. Glass Filled PTFE E. Monel J. Ceramic  
    F. Stainless K. Ni-resist   
AFLAS TM M. Molded Plastic   L. Silicon Carbide  
Secondary Seals        
T- PTFE     Z. Tungsten Carbide  
I. Non Asbestos Z. Tungsten Carbide      

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