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Pump Packings and Valves

We have a full selection of compression Pump Packings, and have the expertise to make the best recommendations for your applications. Thermabraid,698 Carbon Packing,620 PTFE Packing, Aramid Fiber, GFO® Fiber,Valve Stem, etc..


Compression Pump Packings


for pumps and valves

We have a full selection of compression packings, and have the expertise to make the best recommendations for your applications. Among the styles we stock are:

Flexible Graphite Packings
Flexible Graphite Packing Temperature Rating: 850 F in Oxydizing Atmospher, 1200 F in Steam, 5,400 in non-Oxygen Enviroments.   0-14 pH

A high temperature compression packing good for most applications. Great for high temp or chemical applications (non-oxidizing) that can not leak. When you must have a leak rate near that of a Mechanical Seal this is the packing to use.

compression Packings 698 Carbon Packing Temp: 1200 F Steam,  0-14 pH , Ideal for use in combination with Thermabraid compression packing or alone. Impregnated with graphite dispersion. For severe services in Pumps and Valves. Applications include superheated steam, acids alkalis *Equal to Garlock 98

compression Packings

  620 PTFE Packing  Temp: 500F Steam,  0-14 pH

Dense (154) soft (154S) and FDA (154FDA) compression packing styles are available. Ideal for Chemical and food applications.

compression Packings

  630 Aramid Fiber   Temp: 500F Steam,  3-11 pH

Ideal for reciprocating pump and abrasive applications If being used in a centrifugal pump try style 183 or 1190, braided packing it might save your shaft.

compression Packings

 691  GFO® Fiber   Temp: 550F Steam,  0-14 pH

The most common compression packing in industry. Very versatile and easy to work with. For superior abrasive resistance try our style 3165.

compression Packings

1414  Valve Stem  Temp: 1200 F Steam,  1-12 pH

Our most common compression Valve Stem Packing. High temp carbon yarn with Inconel ® wire braided over a resilient core. Equal to Garlock ® 127-AFP.   


Competitive Braided Packing Cross Reference

Braided Packing Guillotine Cutter

Other Packing Styles


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