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Mechanical Seals Service

Mechanical seal repair can make your pump seals look like new even when thet start like this or worse.


Mechanical Seals


American & Metric sized O-RINGS

Mechanical seal repair can make your pump seals look like new even when thet start like this or worse.
If you use seals you know repairing them can easily save you 50% of the cost of a new seal. With the exception of the most common throw away seals, Repairing Seals Will Save You Money.


We repair all brands of seals, and all styles. We also replicate competitive brand seals, so if your seal is not repairable we can build you a new one at a lower cost than you are now paying!
Repaired seals can also be upgraded by replacing Carbon faces with Silicon or Tungsten Carbide for much less than upgrading to a new seal.
All of the seals we repair are: cleaned or sand blasted, inspected for factory tolerance, receive new faces if required (otherwise lapped), new springs, new Elastomers ( rubber boot or o-rings), new set screws, new setting clips (if a cartridge seal), lapped to industry standards (2-3 light bands) assembled and shipped.

We repair seals from:

  • Anchor
  • Angst Pfister
  • Borg Warner
  • Busack
  • Burgmann
  • Chesterton
  • Crane
  • Depac
  • Durametallic
  • Five Star
  • Flexibox
  • Flygt
  • Garlock
  • Hecker Werke
  • Latty
  • N.O.K.
  • Pacific
  • Robco
  • Roten
  • Rotoflex
  • Sealtec
  • Sealol
  • Sepco
  • Weston

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Call us at: 714-593-9780 Fax: 714-593-9701
Ship your seals to us at: American Seal & Packing 1537 E. McFadden Ave. Suite A. Santa Ana, CA. 92705 Phone: 714-361-1435 Fax: 714-593-9701 We always back our service !

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