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Sheet Gasket Materials

American Seal and Packing delivers a full range of rotary mechanical seals configurations and component materials - to handle virtually and fluid moved by any equipment. When you Specify a ASP seal you can the advantage of the most advanced mechanical seal technology, and the latest in filed proven design.


Sheet Gasket Materials


Sheet Gasket Materials

Red Rubber -Smooth Finish
Red Rubber - Cloth Finish
Neoprene - 40, 60, and 70 Durometer
Neoprene - Cloth Finish
Buna - N - 50, 60, and 70 Durometer
Buna - N  High Grade
Buna - N for Transformer gaskets and Strip
Buna - N White
Pure Gum Rubber
Fluoroelastomers -
    Viton ®
    Aflas ®
EPR - 40 and 60 Durometer
EPR - Peroxide Cured
Silicone Rubber - 50 and 70 Durometer
Cloth Inserted Black Rubber
Neoprene Duck Inserted Diaphragm
Neoprene Nylon Inserted Diaphragm
Non-Asbestos Compressed Sheet
Buna -N Nylon Inserted Diaphragm
Viton ® Nylon Inserted Diaphragm
Black Closed Cell Sponge
Silicone Sponge
Closed Cell Nitrile PVC Sponge
Rubber Sponge - Medium Density
Ameri-lon Gasket Material
25% glass filled PTFE
Flexible Graphite
Koroseal ®
Hypalon ®
Corrugated Vinyl Matting
Grey Felt - Medium Density and Firm
White Felt
Green Felt
Leather - Black, Orange
Tan Leather Hides
Red Vulcanized Fiber
Fine Grain Cork
Fiber-cork Sheet
Plant Fiber Sheet
Vegetable Fiber Sheet
Fish Paper
White Bluetex Vellum
Non-Asbestos Ceramic Fiber Paper
Mica Sheet
Nomex ®

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Shipping point may vary depending on item. We ship from California, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida, depending on the item ordered and destination.

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