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Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets are manufactured by spirally winding a Vshaped metal strip and a strip of non-asbestos filler material. The metal strip holds the filler, providing the gasket with mechanical resistance and resilience. Spiral wound gaskets can be reinforced by an outer centering ring and/or inner retaining ring.


Spiral Wound Gaskets


Spiral Wound Gaskets of all shapes and sizes

Spiral Wound Gaskets are manufactured through the spiral winding of a V-shaped metal strip and a strip of non-metallic filler material. The Spiral filler is actually what does the sealing, and the winding contains it from extrusion. This simple design has been modified to 4 common Spiral wound gasket styles.

1) With an outer metal ring to contain pressure (this is most common due to the fact that sealing internal pressure is most common.

2) Placing a metal ring on the inside dimension for the purpose of preventing the gasket from collapsing into the pipe line in Vacuum applications.

3) Gaskets made with inner and outer rings to contain both Vacuum and internal pressure applications.

4) low pressure applications and minimal vacuum pressure a winding and filler only gasket is sufficient.

Spiral Wound Gaskets Most common applications are in the oil and gas sector. Refineries, and chemical plants have utilized spiral wound gaskets for any application above 150 -300# class especially when temperatures are elevated making cold flow and gasket weep of soft goods more likely. Other Industries using spirals includes: pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, and food processing, power industries and nuclear power stations,

Spiral Wound Brands Include: Lamons USA,, FMI-Spa (Italy), Jeil (South Korea), Leader (USA), Durlon (USA). Regardless of where you are located, we have a factory source near you.

Through our trading partners we also offer Flexitallic, Garlock and other Spiral wound Gasket major brands.


  • Sealing under heavy operating conditions.
  • Strong stress compensation, stable and reliable sealing performance even under frequent pressure fluctuation condition.
  • Solid construction provides stability and seallability even when the sealing surfaces are slightly corroded or bent.
  • Easy installation.

A complete range of sizes in stock

Custom made gaskets available for:

     Manhole &  Hand hole  -  Large Diameter Gaskets   -  Tongue and groove
    Valve Bonnet    -  Guideless gasket applications - Custom Designs  -   Boiler type

For standard spiral wound dimensions click here

Materials Available:

    Filler Materials: Non-Asbestos,  PTFE,  GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite,  MIca, Ceramic

    Windings Strips: 304, 316 Stainless are most common however others include: Hastalloy ®, Alloy 20, Monel ®, Nickel ®, Inconel ®, Incoloy ®, Duplex, Zirconium ®,Tantalum ®, Copper, Bronze, Carbon Steel

    Guide Ring Materials: Our Standard is Carbon Steel. Others include: most stainless grades, Inconel ®, Monel ®, Titanium ®, Nickel, Alloy 20, and Hastalloy ®.

    Standard sizes designed for ASME / ANSI B 16.5 & BS 1560 Flanges in 150# through 2500# pressure designs.

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Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Hayes International, Inc.
Inconel is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corp.
Carpenter 20Cb-3 is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology, Inc.
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