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Packing Tools and Gasket Cutters

Insert the appropriate Dovetail Packing Stop (A) with the large end toward the head assembly-respective scales should line up.
The cutter head (B) may now be attached to either side of the base, depending on the desired cut (45° or Butt cut). Use the two 10-32 x 5/8" machine screws provided to attach the Cutter Head.


Packing Tools and Gasket Cutters


Packing Tools and Gasket Cutters

  • Scales are color-coded. Black scale is to be used for Butt Cut (15°) and Red scale is to be used for 45°.
  • Select the correct Dovetail Packing Stop (A) (either 45° or Butt cut). The scale on the slide represents the width of the packing material to be used. The scale on the base indicates the diameter of the shaft to be used.
  • When cutting packing at 45°, advance the packing without rotating. Butt cuts require that the packing be rotated 180° between each cut. In both cases, care should be taken to cut the packing taking the advantage of the natural set resulting from the packaged coil.

Packing Tools, and Gasket Cutters

guilitine.jpg (22842 bytes)
Guillotine Packing
gasketcutter.jpg (23069 bytes)
Hand Tool
Gasket Cutter
cutterboard2.jpg (13495 bytes)
Gasket Cutting Board
M-3.jpg (15298 bytes)
Vice Mounted
Gasket cutting Machine M-3
m-3 cutterwmotor.jpg (16136 bytes)
Motorized M-3
Gasket Cutting Machine
SM-4 cutter.gif (31136 bytes)
Bench Mounted
Gasket cutting Machine SM-4
maxset.jpg (21814 bytes)
Power Punch
Tool Kit
punch.jpg (18572 bytes)
Power Punch cuts holes in seconds
130punchset.jpg (17523 bytes)
Power Punch
refacer-A.jpg (12069 bytes)
Stuffing Box Refacer
1  2  3
toolkits-B.jpg (28023 bytes)
Packing Removal
Tool Sets
"A"  "B"  "Deluxe"
Packingpullers.jpg (30032 bytes)
Packing Removal
Tools & Tips

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