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Single Spring Mechanical Seals

Single spring mechanical pump shaft seals for rotary / centrifugal pump applications.Single Spring Mechanical Seals Type E with elastomeric friction ring, for 8ths of an inch shaft sizes. rotative type, compact, single spring, with o' ring as gasket, used mainly in compressors of air conditioned for automotive use.


Single Spring Mechanical Seals Type E


Single Spring Type E

Single Spring Seal Type E




1 Cup Gasket NBR
2 Stationary Face Ceramic
3 Rotary Face Carbon
4 Bellow NBR
5 Retainer 316ss
6 Drive Ring 316ss
7 Coil Spring 316ss
8 Spring Retainer 316ss
Operating Limits
Temperature Range:
-4F to 210F (-20C to 100C)
Pressure Range: 200 psig
Speed Range: To 2,500 fpm, To 3,600 fpm

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