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Sheet Gasket Materials

It maintains the chemical attack resistance and the temperature range of other Teflon ® based sheets. The Filler enhances the physical properties of the PTFE and results in a superior Gasket Material.


Gaskets Material


The finest Sheet Gasket Material

O-rings made of Aflas are generally utillized in chemical and high temperature applications. Similar to Viton® in temperature range (446 F Max Vs. Viton® 350 F Max constant temperature), Aflas will handle some chemicals that Viton® A or B will not. Aflas can be a great solution with out upgrading to the more expensive versions of Viton®, or Kalrez®.

Sheet Gasketing

AS&P SEAL has a full line of compressed sheet materials.  

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Sheet Gasket Material
Ameri-lon Sheet Ameri-lon ® - A new family of products using a new hybrid material, Ameri-lon® is the result of years of experience in producing PTFE materials.  It is designed for a wide range of demanding industrial requirements including gasket and bearing applications.  Ameri-lon is filled PTFE, uniquely combining the properties of PTFE and Aramid materials.  Aramid enhances the physical properties of PTFE and results in a superior gasket material.  Ameri-lon shows less cold flow and greater sealing ability than other filled PTFE  materials  or Fluorocarbons.  It maintains the chemical attack resistance and the temperature range of PTFE. Gylon Equal Sheet Gasket Material
Grafoil Material

GRAFOIL®  Flexible Graphite sheet  -
with and without Stainless inserts including stainless foil, stainless tang and homogeneous sheets.

Ideal for High Temp applications.

                                   GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite Information

PTFE Material

- Virgin, Mechanical and Expanded grades

The perfect material for Food (FDA) applications. Chemical Compatibility 0-14 PH Good for Temperatures to 450F

Viton Gasket Material

  Viton ®, EPDM,  Buna-N and other "Black" sheets

Rubber Gasket Material   Red Rubber and  Silicone sheet materials

Vegetable Fiber, Cork, and a full range of specialty sheets over 49 styles.

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When placing an inquiry please include: sheet Type, Size, Thickness, and Quantity, (Branded or Unbranded sheets available in some styles). Please also include your PHONE and FAX NUMBERS with your inquiry.

GRAFOIL® is a registered trademark of GrafTech International Holdings Inc.
Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

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